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Variety in the learning process is the best way to learn or change a motion.


The 7 in 1 Putting Coach gives golfers seven different ways to perfect your putting stroke in one training aid. 

  • The Tutor Effect utilizes the aid lying flat on the surface with the marbles setup on the end closest to the cup allowing the golfer to practice striking the ball with zero side spin. 
  • The Gates which utilizes only the end supports allows golfers to practice getting the ball started on the proper line.
  • Low Path encourages an ideal attack angle while keeping the putter under the training aid throughout the swing. 
  • The Arc is used with the aid setup on its side. With the attachment in place, the golfer now has an arched surface to glide their putter along, allowing them to practice their path. 
  • The 72° Path Angle configuration is created when the aid is laid on the side where the end supports create a 72° angle between the ground the the flat putting surface. This allows the golfer to practice taking the putter back slightly inside the path line and returning back to square at impact. 
  • The 80° Path Angle configuration has the aid on its other side creating a 80° angle with the flat surface allowing the golfer to practice a more upright / straight back and through putting stroke.
  • Utilize the Correct Line by laying the aid flat on the putting surface setting the ball on the aid at the back indent. This will allow the golfer to practice proper face angle by creating an attack angle of 1.5° to 2°.
  • A Bonus of the 7 in 1 putting coach is that it can help you guage the speed of the green and the line to the hole by holding the flat surface in a ramp positon and releasing the ball from the top. 

The 7 in 1 Putting Coach

SKU: RW1002
  • Please email us for return authorization within 10 days of receiving the product. The product must be returned in the same shape it was received in originally for a full refund.

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